Thursday, June 4, 2009

Title Strategy

Below are some strategies pertaining to the Admiral and President titles.


First 4 Line of Succession: Adama, Tigh, Helo, Apollo

1. Makes decisions on certain Crisis Cards.
2. Decides the next destination after jumping the fleet.
3. Has control of the two nukes.

Good Strategies as Admiral
-"SCOUT, SCOUT, SCOUT!"Be sure to scout the destination deck as much as you can. Once you find a place you are satisfied with, scout the Crisis deck.
-Keep a good balance on how you make decisions. Do not let the other players consistantly tell you what decision you make. If you make a decision that is unpopular, be sure to explain yourself seriously so that you are not pegged as a Cylon (the guy next in line could be the Cylon).
-Keep the nukes safe before the sleeper phase. They should only be used when overwhelmed by a Cylon fleet.

Characters as Admiral (Things to keep in mind)
Adama: Starts with Admiral title and his passive ability only works positive for humans which will help reduce attempts to detrone him.

Tigh: Careful using his Martial Law ability as it will make you suspect of being a Cylon (too much power for one).

Helo: Re-roll ability will greatly help with scouting and when you use nukes, you can reroll to hopefully get a better score (per errata, strategic planning on first roll will also count towards second roll).

Apollo: Many Crisis cards will make the Admiral have to discard skill cards, and for Apollo, you will have to discard randomly.


First 4 Line of Succession: Roslin, Baltar, Zarek, Apollo

1. Makes decisions on certain Crisis Cards.
2. Has control over the Quorum cards.

Good Strategies as President
-Stay on Colonial One to build a decent Quorum hand (if you are unseated, the Quorum cards are passed to the next President).
-Since YELLOW cards are most abundant to you, be sure to use Investigative Committee as much as you can.
-Like the Admiral, keep a balance on how you make decisions. If you need to, explain why you are making unpopular decisions.

Characters as President (Things to keep in mind)
Roslin: Remember you must discard two skill cards to activate a location. If you cannot depart with skill cards, use the President Title card to draw or play a Quorum card.

Baltar: Right off the bat, you will not be trusted. It's probably best to just not get overagitated by early accusations as it will look bad for you. Remember that a player must waste a turn and bring about a skill check to the group to get you out of the Presidency.

Zarek: Your only problem will be that some other player may block you from using a specific location. Remember that it is harder to take the Presidency from him because of his passive ability.

Apollo: Just like his stay as Admiral, Crisis cards forcing the President to discard will make Apollo discard randomly.

Chief: Chief may not seem to be a likely President but consider that besides repairing, he has no real specific purpose. For the good of the group, it may be wise to have him sit in the President's Office building a Quorum hand until repairing is needed.

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