Thursday, June 4, 2009

Location Strategy

Press Room: Lets the player draw two politics cards.Strategy: More often than not, you will draw at least one Consolidate POwer card, which will allow you to draw two more cards of any type. After jumping from a Cylon attack, use this location to stock up on skill cards.

President's Office: The President may use this location to either (A) draw a Quorum card, then play a Quorum card from his hand or (B) draw two Quorum cards.Strategy: The President should try to use this location to build his Quorum hand, especially when the fleet is not under attack. Remember, when a new President is chosen, the Quorum hand stays in play under the new President.

Administration: Use this location to nominate a new President. If the skill check on the location is passed, that player becomes the new President.Strategy: Obviously, if the current President is a Cylon, or is just simply not doing their job, activate this location to get them out.

FTL Control: By activating this location, the fleet will complete a forced jump. Then roll the die, if 1-6, the fleet loses population based on the number currently on the Jump Track.Strategy: This should only be a last option. If the civi ships are backed into a corner or Galactica cannot survive another damage token, the population loss is worth it. However, its best to have a Strategic Planning skil card ready. Plus, if Helo is in the game, he can use his re-roll ability for a better chance to not lose population at all.

Weapons Control: Allows a player to attack one Cylon ship with Galactica.Strategy: This location should only be used if attacking a Basestar or if the Command location is damaged.

Command: Gives the player two Viper activations (lauch Viper, move Viper or attack with Viper).Strategy: The best option for non-Pilots to fend off Cylon attacks. If you see a player at this location during an attack, use an executive order (if you can trust them) to give that player four Viper activations.

Communications: A player uses this location to look at the back of two civi ships. Then those ships can be moved to one adjacent space.Strategy: Many players overlook moving the civi ships from Raiders. Most players will take Raiders head on with Vipers. Step one to an attack should be to move civi ship strategically away from the bulk of Raiders and then move Vipers into a defensive position.

Admiral's Quarters: Any player uses this location to accuse another of being a Cylon. If the location's skill check is then passed, the accused player is sent to the Brig.Strategy: This is self explanatory, if you suspect someone, use this location. However, it's best to gauge whether the group can afford the skill card loss from the skill check first. And lastly, make sure you are certain that person is guilty or the group will waste more skill cards getting them out of the Brig.

Research Lab: Use this location to draw either a Tactics or Engineering skill card.Strategy: This location should be used if the group needs a quick repair. If the fleet is not under attack, its probably a better idea to use the Press Room to get the cards you need.

Hangar Deck: Pilots use this location to launch themselves in a Viper. After launching, they are given another action. This action can be the use of a skill card ability, a character ability, move Viper action or attack with viper action.Strategy: Really depends on what Pilot you are:
1. If you are Starbuck, get into space ASAP during an attack.
2. If you are Boomer, you might be better off using Command since you have no character ability that effects your piloting of a Viper.
3. If you are Apollo, you should NEVER use this location. Your passive ability puts you into a Viper whenever an unmanned Viper is placed on the board (you could potentially use Command, move or attack with one Viper activation, use the second activation to lauch a Viper then use your ability to put yourself in that Viper, and get an extra action).
4. If you are Helo, its best you stay on Galactica since you will not have many Pilot skill cards.

Armory: Used to combat Centurions that board Galactica.Strategy: This is pretty straight forward. If Centurions board Galactica, this location needs to be used ASAP.

Sickbay: When in sickbay, the player only draws one skill card from his skillset.Strategy: Basically, just move out of sickbay the first chance you get. Best is to convince another player to give you an executive order before your next turn.

Brig: If in the Brig, as an action, try and escape by having the group pass the skill check.Strategy: Remember you can still use skill card actions while in the Brig. If you need to wait another turn to stockpile some more skill cards, it might be a better option.

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